Good to see more of you are now able to log on to the site and comment – if you still cannot let me know and I will sort it.
Did anyone pick up Sean’s GearAsRX bag last night by mistake?? He is devastated as his pink training diary was in it and he has a very close bond with it.  If there is a ransom he is prepared to pay.
From Lauren:
One of the surgeons from work  is doing some research on sports injuries, and focusing on crossfitters (his wife is one). Can you please take 5mins to fill it in.
Thanks. Link below

12.3 goes down in the 10am class today! Great efforts by all last night and good luck to everybody today!
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  1. Loving this video. Of all things I need to become more efficient in box jumps. I’ll be working on this in the coming days.

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