12.3 Times Updated

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People booked in to do 12.3 tonight in open gym:

Dewi, Nick, Fieldy, Scott, Tor, Andy B, CC, Leights, Sean, Slug, GSkins

3 want to hit it in class 10-11am on Sat:

Verina, Phil and Betsy.

Terri may be having a 2nd attempt Sunday @2pm  (TBC).  Think Frew would like to join in also.

Thats 14 – a few have already done it but that leaves a ton of you that have not booked in.  We are thin on the ground for judges as Terri and Kelly are away.  So only those that book will get judged.


  1. Can I book in please for the open gym ppplllleeeaaaasseee!?

  2. G-Skins

    I txt Jaffa yesterday. Will be doin 12.3 in open gym. Will be there for 4pm. Is that ok?

  3. G-Skins

    Fiona is doin sat morning

  4. If anyone would like to take on 12-3 later on Saturday afternoon, I could be there by about 3:30. I would still like to do mine Sunday, but would prefer earlier than 2. Frew let me know when you would like to do it. If it is just the 2 of us, would you be able to stay and judge mine as well?

  5. Alan Pugh

    Can I book in for sat open gym please?

  6. DmxRonin

    Cheers Matt, nice to be posting again.

    Really enjoyed the atmosphere tonight.

    Will be down tomorrow and ready to go at 9:30am. I am happy to judge peeps in the 10am. After seeing all of you smash it, I feel really nervous about the WOD!

  7. Fieldy

    5 rounds + 15 bj’s + 12 pp
    207 reps
    Really chuffed! Don’t think I’ve ever been blowing so much after a wod! Loved it! Thanks to Des for judging and shouting at me (even though he no repped me on the first bj!) :-) great buzz in the box tonight and loads of great scores!

  8. G-Skins

    236 reps; very happy.

    Bring on the DU’s for 12.4 however I’m sure it will be muscle ups and then in buggered!

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