12.3 is here! It is a long one and so this week we will really need you guys to help us by “booking” a slot to do the workout. We need to know which Open Gym slot you want to do the workout in so we can make sure we have enough L1 judges. We will also run the workout during Saturdays WOD Class.
Please post to comments either Friday 4-6pm Sat 9-10am Open gym or 10-11am Class. Thanks for your help!

You have probably checked the standards but just in case have a watch:

You may have noticed the app is not working – this is due to the old website being linked to it and when we lost it the app was messed up! A update is currently being worked on and you will be able to get it (which will also cover IOS5.1) soon.

In a 10 Minute Window Row 1500m in the remaining time AMRAP Double Unders. Score in number of DU.

Post score to comments


  1. Andy Burns

    I will do it in Open Gym, between 5 & 6 please and Betsy will do it in the Saturday morning class if possible please.


  2. I’d like to do it in OG tomorrow between 5 and 6 too if that’s ok?

    Followed by a trip to Nando’s to smash some chicken if anyone wants to join me? :)

  3. scottdavey

    ill be there tomorrow in open gym to do it if thats kl ?

  4. Fieldy

    I’ll do it in open gym tomorrow (Friday) between 5 and 6 please. Hope thats ok. Good luck to everyone!

  5. 5:10 for the row. Happy with that then 265 singles.

  6. ill do it sat morning class 10 – 11

  7. Im struggling to find time tomorrow. I can make open gym but not till around 5:40 ish. I cant do Saturday due to work so if there is a possible sunday then im in. If not, i will have to give WOD 12.3 a miss. Let me know either way. Good WOD tonight, 5:37 on the row, followed by 187 DU’s

  8. Hi I would like to do it sat morning class and Nick would like to do it in open gym tonight at 5

  9. Fieldy

    Row 5:38
    Du’s 62
    Quite chuffed with the score, maybe it was the new speed rope from CC???? Well done Des amazing score, very efficient skipping! Think you did more tonight than I’ve ever done!

  10. DmxRonin

    1500m Run instead (hamstrings tight as hell). Complete run in 5:45.
    335 DUs completed in remaining time (265 in a row, new PB). Would love to break 300 barrier one day.

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