In 12 Minutes progress as far up the following ladder as possible:

1 Deadlift 100/70kg
1 Ring Dip
4/4 etc

Post number reached to comments


  1. 10 rounds @ 50 kg with jumping ring dips.

  2. Brilliant video btw…I just bought his book.

    When I first started Crossfit about 9 months ago there was a Yes/No list for what to eat posted on this blog. I printed that off and stuck it on my fridge and have tried to follow it ever since. I have always been small but have also struggled for years with cutting body fat and with IBS and tried so many different ways of eating I’ve lost count.

    I’ve finally found one that I can stick to and has actually made a difference to my body composition and a profound difference to the way I feel. Cheers RCFV :)

  3. DmxRonin

    Scaled as feeling rough.

    82.5 (body weight) Deads.
    12/12 + 13 Deads.

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