We Are Back!!

So the WOD Blog is now back up.  It is a little bare bones but will still allow workouts to be posted and you to make your comments.  Content will be added over the next few weeks.

You will all need to register in order to make comments.  I have added a new feature that allows you to simply log in using your Facebook account.  Anything you post then also goes onto your FB wall which is pretty cool.

Please try it out, post to comments and let me know if it all works ok.

Thanks Matt


  1. All working :-) well done Matt

    Stoked with my score in 12.2 tonight as 62.5 was a new pb by 7.5kg
    loving the atmosphere in the box on Fridays

  2. scottdavey

    all working too
    ill be in the box in the morning for 12.2 had car troubles today

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